No Mask Effect - Drift To You

by Psychonavigation Records


The new album from No Mask Effect aka Keith Downey.

Released on the Where Ambient Lives record label can be bought here :

Underground music industry mogul and all – around electronica enthusiast Keith Downey, aka No Mask Effect releases “Drift To You”, the debut offering from a new label, Where Ambient Lives.

Downey, who has spent almost two decades at the helm of the prolific Psychonavigation Records, tried his hand at his own music production early last year. His first album “Quick Smart” was well received by both critics and his label's followers. Two subsequent albums followed shortly after,“Double Or Quits” and the atmospheric “Nothing Out There”.

With his fourth album “Drift To You”, Downey draws on darker influences, using field recordings and environmentally inspired concepts to create a multi-layered sound-scapes that carry the listener on an intriguing slow current of sound.

Notable tracks include the hypnotic “Illicit Ambience” and “Dark Feathers”, an intense ten minute musical journey that sweeps through the album, leaving behind a unique sonic disturbia. “Water Train” meanwhile, bubbles with the kind of calm claustrophobia that one might expect to experience while travelling on the ocean floor in a confined space.

Ambient listeners and fans of No Mask Effect's previous albums should appreciate this new collection.


released February 27, 2017